Prevent The Cycle 


Community committed to racial equity and systemic change through community engagement, education and policy reform.

Why We Do What We Do

It started with "I can't breathe", It was a cry heard around the world. It was a cry that lifted the veil for some and was a reminder to others of the injustice felt by BIPOC all over the US. In Lynn, it was the cry that ignited our local movement. Demanding our city leaders take a hard look at its own complicity.
At first a grassroot movement, Prevent The Cycle's only purpose was to call attention to the inequities in our city. However, we soon realized that we needed to do more. Despite our success and the energy felt among underrepresented community members behind the movement; we still saw few community members joining in the movement.
Prevent The Cycle seeks to provide the tools needed in order for our black and brown community to become self advocates and the education that will help them better understand how use them. 

What We Do


This starts with our community. We bring all people to the table and develop policies that work for ALL of us.  


 We cannot achieve true justice without ensuring that all Lynn residents have a seat at the table, becoming their own advocates.  


Fundamental to all that we do. We know the biggest hurdle for underrepresented members in Lynn is lack of access to the tools needed to make meaningful changes and knowledge how to use them.  To become our best advocates, policymakers, our own changemakers,  we need access to information. 


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